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  • Publisher: News and Politics

    Democrats Propose Cutting Funding for ICE, Border Patrol

    Sen. Harris: To minimize damage, we need to reduce funding for President Trumps deportation force. Share Button

    Tags: ice, border patrol, budget

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  • Publisher: The Prospector

    UTEP Professor cautions against new DHS hirings

    In the report, Heyman gives an easy to digest account of the increase in agents that corresponds wi Share Button

    Tags: abuse, ice, cbp

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  • Publisher: American Immigration Council

    Why Caution is Needed Before Hiring Additional Border Patrol Agents and ICE Officers

    The last time the Border Patrol received a large infusion of money to hire thousands of new agents, Share Button

    Tags: abuse, ice, cbp, complaints

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  • Publisher: ICE

    Buyer Beware-- Counterfeit goods and the holiday shopping season

    In 2015, the number of seizures made nationally due to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) violations Share Button

    Tags: ice, cbp, hsi, counterfeit goods

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