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  • Publisher: AILA

    AILA Leadership Blog: Dangerous Exceptions?

    Here is a new piece from Victor Nieblas highlighting the efforts in Congress to waive the polygraph Share Button

    Tags: polygraph test

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  • Publisher: AILA

    AILA - Lawsuit Seeks Transparency in CBP Admission Procedures

    AILA, represented by the American Immigration Council and Foley & Lardner LLP, filed a lawsu Share Button

    Tags: cbp, officer's reference tool, admissions

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  • Publisher: AILA

    CBP Requests Quotes to Purchase Body-Worn and Vehicle-Mounted Cameras

    On 9/13/16, CBP solicited quotes for 108 body-worn cameras and 12 vehicle-mounted cameras. Commissio Share Button

    Tags: aila, cameras

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