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  • Publisher: American Immigration Council

    Seeking Records on CBP's Participation in Domestic Law Enforcement Activities

    For years, U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) agents have injected themselves into routine, local emergency s Share Button

    Tags: abuse

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  • Publisher: American Immigration Council

    Deportations in the Dark: Lack of Process and Information in the Removal of Mexican Migrants

    Mexican migrants suffer a host of violations, abuses, and ill treatment while in the custody of U.S. Share Button

    Tags: enforcement, abuse, arrests

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  • Publisher: American Immigration Council

    Why Caution is Needed Before Hiring Additional Border Patrol Agents and ICE Officers

    The last time the Border Patrol received a large infusion of money to hire thousands of new agents, Share Button

    Tags: abuse, ice, cbp, complaints

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