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  • Publisher: New York Times

    Up to 600,000 Immigrants in U.S. South May Have Path to Legal Status: Analysis

    As many as 600,000 illegal immigrants in several U.S. states could have a path to legally remain in Share Button

    Tags: asylum

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  • Publisher: New York Times

    Trump Administration Orders Tougher Screening of Visa Applicants

    The order, sent to all American embassies, would make it tougher for millions of visitors to enter t Share Button

    Tags: extreme vetting, visas

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  • Publisher: New York Times

    Haitian Men Cut Off From Families as U.S. Tightens Entry Rules

    After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, many Haitians were allowed into the United States on humanitaria Share Button

    Tags: haitians, humanitarian parole

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  • Publisher: New York Times

    Texas Threatens to Pull Out of Refugee Resettlement Program

    The state is demanding to limit the number of refugees it accepts and receive additional security as Share Button

    Tags: refugees, texas

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