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  • Publisher: Washington Post

    Despite Trump, millions hope to win what could be the last U.S. green-card lottery

    More than 14 million people around the world entered last years lottery. On Tuesday, fewer than 1&am Share Button

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  • Publisher: Washington Post

    The State Departments entire senior administrative team just resigned

    All are career foreign service officers who have served under both Republican and Democratic adminis Share Button


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  • Publisher: Washington Post

    WHY IT MATTERS: Refugees

    THE ISSUE: The United States is the proud home of “the mother of exiles,” the Statue of Liberty. Share Button

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  • Publisher: Washington Post

    One Syrian family, among 10,000 refugees, settles into US life

    Nadim Fawzi Jouriyeh took part in a ceremony Sunday in Amman, Jordan, to mark the United States taki Share Button

    Tags: refugees, syria

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