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  • Publisher: Immigration Impact

    Supreme Court Restores a Portion of Trump’s Travel Ban, In Continuous Chess Match

    The Supreme Court granted a stay request filed by the Trump administration, keeping in limbo the fat Share Button

    Tags: travel ban, refugees

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  • Publisher: Washington Post

    Syrian refugees see glimmer of hope in Trumps policy shift

    For the millions of Syrian refugees scattered across camps and illegal settlements, the chemical att Share Button

    Tags: refugees, syrians

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  • Publisher: Immigration Impact

    Second Muslim Ban Meets Renewed Litigation

    This order continues the unlawful discrimination against Muslims contained in the first Order, and m Share Button

    Tags: travel ban, muslims, refugees

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  • Publisher: NY Times

    Our Immigrants, Our Strength

    In the aftermath of an explosive device going off in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York last wee Share Button

    Tags: refugees, racial bias

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  • Publisher: NY Times

    U.S. to Admit More Central American Refugees

    The Obama administration will broaden the effort to allow families of children fleeing dangerous con Share Button

    Tags: refugees

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