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Transcript of Secretary Napolitano’s Remarks on Smart Effective Border Security and Immigration Enforcement


Here is the full transcript of United States Secretary of Homeland Security (“DHS”) Secretary Janet Napolitano’s Remarks on Smart Effective Border Security and Immigration Enforcement on October 5, 2011, at American University:

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The Wall Street Journal (Link) reported that a recent poll has found that 51% of Americans disapprove of the job Mr. Obama is doing as president  for the first time since his inauguration.  

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DHS Announces Expansion of Prosecutorial Discretion Guidelines

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that it would put guidelines in place across all immigration agencies to ensure that its enforcement priorities are focused on removing persons who are most dangerous to the country.

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The long time romance between the US Spanish-language media and the Obama administration seems to be over. “Latinos overwhelmingly voted for Obama because he promised immigration reform within a year, but now the White House has lost control of the debate”, says Univision presenter Jorge Ramos, who is seen by many as the leading voice of a movement within the Spanish-language media that is turning its back on the president. Some observers credit the growing Hispanic media criticism with the recent decline in Mr. Obama’s approval ratings among Hispanics. [Source:  BBC]


An immigration overhaul does not appear to be on the horizon right now. The White House and the Democrats simply do not have the momentum to carry this forward. It appears that President Obama is simply overwhelmed by the recession, the war on terrorism, health care reform, financial industry reform, etc…

The White House does have a web site that it devotes to immigration reform progress. Here is the link

I can spare you some time by not clicking this link. I have monitored this site just about every month. I see a few new blog posts. However, I have not seen any substantive change in months. The “Progress” section has not changed at all.

My prediction is that we will not have any progress on the immigration reform issue for at least the next three months. If the democrats are still in the majority after congressional elections in November, we could see some progress on this issue after the elections.

The Democrats, however, may need to begin the process now, especially if they would like to continue to hold the majority vote in Congress. Latino voters made a difference in yesterday’s Arizona and Florida primaries, advocates for comprehensive immigration told reporters today .

Latino voters are flexing their muscles. The message is clear: this important constituency wants progress on immigration reform now, not later. Why not begin now? Many people would like to see immigration reform.