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AILA Clarifies DHS’s Announcement on Prosecutorial Discretion

Many people are confused in the wake of DHS’s recent announcement about how immigration agencies will use Prosecutorial Discretion in determining low and high priority immigration cases. 

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H-1B Cap Count as of July 1, 2011

As of July 1, 2011, USCIS had receipted 19,000 petitions towards the H-1B Regular Cap and 12,200 petitions towards the H-1B Master’s Exemption.

The H-1B nonimmigrant visa category allows U.S. employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations. Unless determined to be exempt, H-1B petitions are subject to either the 65,000 annual cap or the 20,000 annual cap exemption. By statute, H-1B visas are subject to an annual numerical limit, or cap, of 65,000 visas each fiscal year. The first 20,000 petitions for these visas filed on behalf of individuals with U.S. master’s degrees or higher are exempt from this cap.

Infographic: The Costs of E-Verify

From:   The Center for American Progress.

This infographic explains the costs of E-Verify, the government’s Internet-based work authorization system. It highlights the system’s known costs, such as lost tax revenue and monetary burdens on small businesses, and estimates the costs of additional fiscal burdens—to individuals verified through the system, to employers utilizing the system, and to the federal government in running the system—absent from much of the dialogue. E-Verify expands the size of government while decreasing revenue, places a crushing burden on small businesses, and imposes a “jobs tax” on ordinary Americans. 

Click this for a graphic on the costs of E-Verify: 

 Technology is generally a good thing.  The government has typically imposed E-Verify on businesses doing contract work for the state or federal goverment.  Many concerns center on the reliability of E-Verfiy.  Will these costs be too difficult for private industry to bear?  That is the question. 

President Obama Says E-Verify is an Effective Tool, but Needs to be Perfected


President Obama gave a speech in June about immigration. 

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