Global Entry/SENTRI: 10 Year Violation Unofficial Policy for the Trusted Traveler Program?

I have long suspected that the CBP Ombudsman might have an unofficial policy relating to one-time minor violations.  My suspicion was that the Ombudsman’s office had an unofficial 10 year policy relating to one time violations.

You can find the official CBP policy for the Trusted Traveler program HERE.  Global Entry, SENTRI, NEXUS all have the same eligibility criteria. 

In my own experience, I have successfully argued for Reconsideration or Reinstatement of Trusted Traveler privileges for clients who had a single minor violation which was more than ten years old.  Clients/prospective clients who went to their Global Enrollment Center interviews told me that the officers themselves mentioned a 10 year policy with regard to a minor violation.  But, I had never seen a reference to this policy in writing. 

I recently saw a reference to this policy in writing.  I saw the following language in a Global Entry membership decision letter:  “…has a 2010 DUI arrest and conviction within 10 years.”  To me, this does indicate that the Trusted Traveler Program is at least today following this policy. 

By minor violation, I am referring to a one time only criminal infraction or misdemeanor.   I would also include a very minor customs incident into this definition as well.  One possible example of a minor customs incident could include a failure to declare a shopping item which should have been declared.

In summary, an applicant with one very minor violation and a solid ten years of rehabilitation should be able to qualify for the Trusted Traveler Program. 

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